• Rotavator is used to complete the job of Harrow Tiller & Sohaga, For Preparation of Seed Bed in single operation.
  • Rotavator is very useful to destroy weeds, stubbles of paddy, sugarcane, maize, cotton completely it prepare the field in wet & dry soil conditions.
  • Rotavator's all components are systematically matched to make efficient use of tractor power & save fuel.
  • No need to burn the stubbles of wheat & Paddy, thus it held in controlling pollution
  • Rotavator is best suitable for puding operation.
  • Rotavator can mix Jantar in field and can do pudling in single operation.


Rotavator Technical Specifications

Rotavator G.P.-60 G.P.-70 G.P.-80 G.P.-90
Over All Width 1.81m (71") 2.06m (81") 2.32m (91") 2.57m (101")
Working Width 1.42m (56") 1.68m (66") 1.93m (76") 2.19m (86")
HP Required 35-45 45-50 50-60 65 Above
Working Depth Min/Max 2 Inch (5cm.) - 5 Inch (13cm.)
No. of Flages 8 9 10 11
No. of Blades 42 48 54 60
PTO Speed (RPM) 540/1000 RPM
Working Depth Control Skids Fitted as equipment
Gear Box Single Speed & Multi Speed
Type Chain & Gear Speed
Rotor Speed 220

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