Straw Reaper

Straw Reaper


Features :

  • Specially designed outer gear bearing support.
  • Heavy chassis.
  • Specially designed straw outer for easy flow of straw.
  • Stone trip to prevent stone entry.
  • Easily draw able grain storage tray.
  • Heavy transmission gear.


Technical Specification

Length of Reaper 142"
Size 56"
Net Size (sendica) 15.90 Mm
Net Size 12.70 Mm
Net Size 9.50 Mm
No. of Finger 14
P.t.o. Speed (rpm) 540
Pully Size (gear) Dia 15" 3c
Pully Size (thresher) Dia 12" 3c
P.t.o. Speed (rpm) 1000
Pully Size (gear) Dia 10" 3c
Pully Size (thresher) Dia 15" 3c
No. of Blades in Thresher 16x18=288
No. of Jack 3 (1 Front, 2 Rear Side)
Power Required 50hp
Tool Kit 2 (Screw Driver, Spanners, Plier)
Fuel Consumption 3-5 Ltrs / Trolley
Tray Emptying System Lever Type
Dia of Thresher Drum 29"
Length of Cutting Bar 7 Feet
No. of Cutting Blade 28
Weight 1950 Kg
Straw Recovery Upto 92.9%
Basket Blades 42
Tyre Size 7x19
Chopping Capacity 2-3 Trolly Per Hour

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